Ok, today I've tried to activate nautilus-converter-image package.

...due to some package's requirement I've thougth download last release
about glib, pango and nautilus... trying install them I've got some
errors (here, I've also give an ldconfig command...) ... so at the end
I've resigned and decided didn't install nautilus-converter-image.
Thinking about replace original package I've reinstall the original...
but after reboot when I clik "computer" o "network" icons in nautilus I
get an error message like this... (translating) <Nautilus can't handle
place "Computer" or "network">

Also I've seen when insert a media usb storage, I can't see in nautilus
that device mounted, and also in /media is not present...

Ok I know I has been too much superficial... but now It's really
annoying problem...

thx in advance to everyone can help me.

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