I installed OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE4, have no this problem in the beginning. I
don't know when, appears the problem.

The problem description: Use ls /home/viki (viki is my username)
command in the terminal, can display the contents including some files
and folders. But in the file manager or Konqueror( konqueror is a good
file explorer and web explorer in KDE), entry the path /home/viki/,
nothing can be displayed. But, after input the path /home/viki/Documents
in the address bar of Konqueror directly, the contents nuder the folder
Documents can be displayed rightly.
And right-click the folder viki in the folder home, and choice the
"Attribute", the size always display "calculating the size ... 0 B (0),
0 folders, 0 sub-folders".

I'm a chinese, and my english is poor, so please excuse for my

See the picture follow:

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