9 monitors might do the trick. But I wouldn't want to look at my
electricity bill at the end of my month, heh. The more desktops I have,
the more I spatially spread out, and 9 seems to be my optimal.

1. No I haven't seen this feature in any OS but I haven't looked for it
as much as I have for SuSE. I admit, the average person might not have
the same type of work behavior as I might, but it was worth a try to
find out whether this was possible.

2. Yea, I'm aware of the cube. But I already go left/right/up/down
through my desktops (using the HJKL keys like vim, so I never leave the
home row unnecessarily). So I don't see the cube adding anything of
interest to me.

3. Clarifications in that use case: D3 has the e-mail and the feedback.
I switch to [D1 D3] to modify stuff in D1 based on D3. Then I switch to
[D2 D3] to modify stuff in D2 based on D3. Seriously, this is just the
simplest example I could come up with to give you an idea of how the
*mechanism* is supposed to work, but I have multiple ways in mind to use
this "multiple view" ability.

One may be worried about being confused, but I really think very
spatially and this use is very natural to me.

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