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Thread: desktop effects display problem

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    paul1966 NNTP User

    Default desktop effects display problem

    i enabled the desktop effects on suse 11, on rebooting the display goes
    white and stays that way. i can boot into fail-safe mode but not normal
    mode. is there a way to reset the desktop effects via fail-safe mode? i
    am using gnome. any help appreciated.

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    cybertaz NNTP User

    Default Re: desktop effects display problem

    What video card are you using? What is your computer system?

    What version of Compiz (compiz-fusion)?

    When asking a question please try and be as specific as you can.
    Without some basic information there isn't much we can do.

    Also search, these might help you:
    'Please help... ATI Driver problems! - openSUSE Forums'
    'Desktop Effects problem in Gnome - openSUSE Forums'

    '' ( 4200+, NVIDIA 8500GTx2 (twinview mode),
    2 GB Ram
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