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Thread: X11 runs hard when idle

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    clutton NNTP User

    Default X11 runs hard when idle

    I am not sure if this is the correct spot for this question, but when my
    computer is idle, X11 runs full out on one of the cores. When resuming
    from idle then it stops and behaves normally. I had problems with video
    as well as sound after an upgrade from 10.3 to 11.1, and all seems to be
    resolved except this issue. I have the nvidia drivers loaded and was
    only able to get it working after using sax from the command line to get
    the nvidia drivers loaded (kdm locked the keyboard originally).

    My system is setup as follows:

    Suse 11.1 X64
    Nvidia driver with a GeForce 7300 LE
    Screensaver is off now, but power management comes on @ 15 minutes.

    I also notice in that when looking at the display settings in KDE it
    states "Your X server is using the RandR extension at 1.2 or higher with
    no configuration". That seems suspicious, but I'm not sure what else
    would be helpful to diagnose this issue or how to configure it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Ecky NNTP User

    Default Re: X11 runs hard when idle

    Can't tell you much about the first part of your post, except if you're
    able to look at core usage your machine isn't truly idle ... or so I
    would've thought

    As for showing RandR extension blah in KDE's display management that's
    normal, every nvidia and ati card I've ever used shows it

    With your nvidia card use the nvidia-settings applet, open it with
    nvidia-settings as root from a console or look for NVIDIA X Server
    Settings in System, Configuration on your menu, it should ask for the
    root password when you open it from the menu

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    clutton NNTP User

    Default Re: X11 runs hard when idle

    Thanks for the reply.

    I can only assume that there is something wrong with X11, because it is
    running so hard when "idle". Meaning ... if I do not touch the mouse
    for say 5 minutes or so the CPU starts running at ~50%. Once I move the
    mouse it stops consuming CPU at that rate.

    Very puzzling.

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    michaell71 NNTP User

    Default Re: X11 runs hard when idle

    Well I have/had the same issue. I was running 11.1 with compiz, and at
    idle with the screen saver set to blank screen only I could hear the fan
    spin up. Catching it by remoting in over ssh I would see it was X using
    up the resources... Never quite figured it out.

    I am using 32bit, 11.1, but also have an Nvidia GPU, running on a
    Pavilion laptop...

    I moved to KDE4, and don't seem to have the issue there...


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    gumb NNTP User

    Default Re: X11 runs hard when idle

    Apparently it's a known bug. There were a whole load of posts about this
    in another sub-forum recently, but despite my efforts to find them and
    link them here I cannot now track them down.

    It seems to commonly start after around 15 minutes of idle time. On my
    own laptop I often return after being out the room and it's running flat
    out, very noisy and hot, even if the screensaver is basic or blank. This
    never happened until the 11.1 installation.

    I'm using KDE3 with no desktop effects, and no Compiz installed.

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