Hi folks,
I've started having few problems with my openSUSE 11.1 install, most
notable after installing the Online automatic updates. Some of these

1. At rare occasions, bootup process getting hanged up at "starting
jexec service"
2. Network doesn't startup, KNetworkManager icon is there in the tray,
but it mentions "Network Manager not running". I have to goto YaST ->
Network Services -> Network settings, click on all tabs and hit OK, that
triggers openSUSE to start the network services and WiFi connection

And the most serious problem, fuse seems to have totally conked off,
having a mind of its own. It refuses to unmount while shutting down, at
times refuses to mount my /home directory (its on a separate
Sometimes, it mounts, and then remounts on read-only mode. At times, I
can't even traverse through my /home directory, both at console and via
dolphin, both hang up, though I can traverse through other directories
with no problems

Would appreciate help and replies. I'm using KDE 4.1, that comes
installed with OS 11.1

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8600mGT|160GB|openSUSE 11
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