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Thread: How to upgrade from KDE4.1 to 4.2?

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    ronnys NNTP User

    Default How to upgrade from KDE4.1 to 4.2?

    I rub OS11.1 with original KDE4.1

    4.1 seems not much finish and want to upgrade to 4.2(Latest version).
    This cannot be doen in Yast, so i have to manual download and install.

    So what to download and in what order to install/upgrade?

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    tusharjoshi NNTP User

    Default Re: How to upgrade from KDE4.1 to 4.2?

    add the unstable repositories 'KDE/Repositories - openSUSE'

    refresh and update using yast or zypper.

    remember to remove any other KDE repository you may have.

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