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Thread: X process 100% CPU usage at 11.1 KDE4

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    Thumbs down X process 100% CPU usage at 11.1 KDE4

    Hallo all...

    I have a problem mith the X process. When I dont use my computer for a few minutes the X process go to 100% of my CPU on all Computers with the same OS.
    What is wrong?

    I have OpenSuse 11.1 and KDE 4.1


    ps aux ....

    Sorry for my bad English.

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    Default Re: X process 100% CPU usage at 11.1 KDE4

    I came here in order to find support for the same issue. Seems like it's this problem between and KDE's powerdevil:
    It's fixed in KDE's SVN and I hope a backported patch for powerdevil will arrive soon.
    It's really annoying when you leave your machine alone for a while to download something and when you come back you realize, the CPU has been sucking maximum juice all the time

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