Hello guys and sorry to bother you with such stuff at the end of the

I am a more recent user of OpenSUSE after trying other distros and
settling on this one as I find it the most usable in my case. That is
one of the reason why I also joined this official Forum.

Now, before I go even deeper into a story telling you might not want to
read I jump straight to the issue at hand.

I am trying to kill Windows forever on my PC at home, but due to the
fact that I love cycling (actually I race also!) I need a software that
is called Training Peaks WKO+ which helps me analyze my workouts, races,
etc and that one has no version for Linux; only Windows. The thing is I
can't get it to run under Linux. Where should I start? Treat me like an
idiot, will you? I know that WINE is supposed to help, but it just
doesn't load in it? I am stuck big time.

Any suggestion will be tried out! It's a promise. If I get this to work
properly I will format the XP drive myself.

Thanks in advance for now and "Happy New Year" to all of you out


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