I am a new-ish Linux developer, coming from a MS Windows background, so
please bear with me here...

I have researched this particular problem for a couple of days now, and
have explored some of the suggested solutions without success, other
than learning much more about Linux. I am hoping someone can offer some
good advice.

I am working on a kiosk right now and as part of the application, I
need to disable the Print Screen keyboard button.

I have used 'xmodmap' to map keycode 111 to NoSymbol, but that is not
stopping the Snapshot dialog from appearing.

I am using OpenSuSE 10.3 with a GNOME desktop on an IBM PC with a
Logitech USB keyboard.

I have tried swapping the keyboard with a PS/2 keyboard to see if that
was the problem, but it was not.

The strange thing is that when I use VNC 4.1.3 Free Edition to remote
into this system from another IBM PC (Windows XP Pro OS), I am able to
use the xmodmap -e "keycode 111 = NoSymbol" command to successfully
prevent the Snapshot dialog from appearing.

Is there some kind of keyboard mapping override or shortcut mapping
going on here when I am logged into the Linux box locally, but is not
happening remotely?

Please advise.

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