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    joris20 NNTP User

    Default kernel headers

    after installing VMWare and trying to run it, it said that i needed gcc
    3.x.x (cant remember exactly) (which i installed with Yast) and then it
    asked for "kernel headers"
    i tried to search it with yast, but it didnt return any results, so i
    searched for "Kernel Modules" and found this: "linux-kernel-headers" but
    the check box on the left was already ticked, but i clicked it again and
    then there was the green arrow pointing up, so i thought 'must be an
    upgrade then'

    i installed the package twice with yast (didnt work after first time so
    i tried again) but VMware still asks for the same "kernel headers"

    what do i do?

    distro: 11.0
    linux user level: noob

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    -G- NNTP User

    Default Re: kernel headers

    joris20 wrote:

    > asked for "kernel headers"

    Do you have the sources repository installed?
    I do and I can see the kernel-source package (this is in 11.1)


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