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Thread: Delete file/folder in console

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    I have a problem.
    I created a folder with su rights, but now I can't delete it normally.
    How can I delete the folder in the console with su rights using KDE 4.2 beta 2?


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    sudo rm -r path-to-folder

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    rm -R /where/you/put/it
    to delete a folder and EVERYTHING in it recursively (that's were the r comes in)

    rmdir /dir/location
    to remove an empty directory

    As root if you created them somewhere or somehow were normal permissions don't allow you to remove it.
    Be careful with the rm -R one, you can delete a lot of things you don't want to delete if you don't watch it and press enter too soon. There will be no extra question 'Are you certain' press enter and it's gone.
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    ok, thank you

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