Using suse 11.0 I could play 720p and 1080p video flawlessly with
smplayer. I then formated and installed 11.1 and it played flawlessly
once again.

I decided to dualboot to winxp(let's face it, if you play games other
than rogue-likes and things that don't work with wine/cedega you need
windows) and then I redid my linux partitions deleting everything
because I wanted to try a different scheme with my hard drive space.

Everything works fine but now the smplayer playback is really laggy. I
have set everything up correctly as far as I know. Turning on 4
threads, dis/allowing frame skipping, trying various video/audio output
modes but things play like I'm on a pentium 1. Any suggestions on
things I should try? Not only that but smplayer doesn't want to play
streaming media now. VLC plays streaming fine mms and h264, but VLC
never played as smoothly as smplayer once did.

Why is linux so hit or miss I've had a multitude of problems on a fresh
install no less?!

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