I'm having some problems I can't seem to solve via the forums or google.
The big one is getting my Thunderbird working and I really need some
input. I've successfully set up a working application of Thunderbird in
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, MEPHIS and Mandriva over the last few weeks so I'm
pretty confident the problem is not within my Thunderbird itself.

When I launch the application I get the GUI and I can access the file
menus but the cursor remains in the "thinking" configuration and I can
not get new mail nor can I access the emails stored in my local
folders.. I do dual-boot with that other OS (XP) and Thunderbird still
works fine for me in that one. I can see the folder names in the
folders pane but can not see any emails within those folders. I've
tried reconfiguring and even uninstalling Thunderbird as well as turning
off the firewall program all to no avail. I should also mention that if
I launch Thunderbird in the terminal I get no errors or other messages,
the GUI just pops up and it tries unsuccessfully to fully load.

I'm on openSUSE 11.1 running the KDE 4.1.3 desktop.


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