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Thread: help with desktop/window configuration

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    thalo NNTP User

    Default help with desktop/window configuration

    i recently upgraded/updated from 10.3 to 11.0. i was trying to figure
    how to change the look of the desktop and windows and have done
    something where when a window opens it is not able to be moved around
    the screen and there is no window title bar with the min/max/close icons
    in the top right corner of the window. i am running kde 3.5.9 (release

    does anyone have an idea of where to start to remedy these issues? i
    have tried to find something from the kde website and various documents
    from kde, but i have not been successful.

    also, is there a site or other reference that helps with
    direction/guidance to properly change desktop themes and the like?


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    thalo NNTP User

    Default Re: help with desktop/window configuration

    well i got this figured out. i had "enable desktop effects" checked in
    the simple compizconfig settings manager. unchecked and all is well


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