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Thread: Vmware with OpenSuse 11.1

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    Question Vmware with OpenSuse 11.1


    I am considering using OpenSuse 11.1 combine with Vmware server 2.0 as solution for testing environment.

    my question is it possible to get Vmware server 2.0 running at runlevel 3 to get the as possible less os memory cpu footprint?


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    Anything can run at any runlevel.

    Symlink /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S98vmware to /etc/init.d/vmware (or whatever it is called).

    Enjoy! =]

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    Default Re: Vmware with OpenSuse 11.1

    * tbaror,

    VMWare on 11.1 can be a little tricky. Check this thread:


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    Default Re: Vmware with OpenSuse 11.1

    thanks all for the info

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