In 11.1 KDE4, gnome-system-monitor only runs one time. After exiting,
where the gnome-system-monitor GUI interface disappears like you expect
it to, the process keeps running and cannot be killed (even with a su
shell konsole log in and kill -9). This problem was noticed when trying
to start gnome-system-monitor again at a later time by clicking on the
desktop icon shortcut. Because the original gnome-system-monitor process
is still alive, this new attempt fails and the GUI from the first hung
gnome-system-monitor process never reappears. The hung
gnome-system-monitor process does not show as <defunct> in the process
table (its parent is reported as kdeinit).

I like the reporting details in the gnome-system-monitor. Even though
its not a KDE program, it still shouldn't hang instead of exiting. It
appears to run just fine in KDE4 the very first time, before the
unsuccessful exit attempt.

This gnome-system-monitor problem doesn't exist in 11.1 KDE 3.5. This
is one of the issues preventing my migration to KDE4.

Does anyone else see this run one time only in KDE4
gnome-system-monitor behavior?

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