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Thread: Tool/Task/User Bar

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    sh0cker NNTP User

    Default Tool/Task/User Bar

    Tool/Task/User Bar

    Whatever the name is, somehow I managed to remove the whole thing on
    the bottom of the screen where usually all open programs are there, the
    clock, and all other things in my opensuse 11. I still don't have 11.1
    as I am trying to download these days.. But how do I bring this bar on
    the bottom of the screen back?!

    So on top of that another quick question, should I upgrade my 11 from
    here, or download full 11.1 dvd and make a complete new install? And if
    upgrade how do I do that?


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    caf4926 NNTP User

    Default Re: Tool/Task/User Bar

    There have been some problems with the upgrades. My recommendation would
    be re-install and just keep your /home as is.
    The panel at the bottom you refer to:

    unlock the desktop widgets (right click)

    then right click add panel

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