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    bobstaff NNTP User

    Default Man program

    In opensuse 11.1 the man program now presents a text menu if you ask for
    an item present in more than one section. (e.g. man make). How do you
    disable this behavior and just show the man page from the first

    I looked at the source for the man program and it does not seem to do
    this, so I'm guessing this is a modification made by Suse??

    So I then looked for the Suse 11.1 specific source packages and could
    not find them. Are they available somewhere.

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    ken yap NNTP User

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    How to get back the old behaviour is mentioned in the release notes
    which are in /usr/share/doc/release-notes, if you didn't read them when
    you first installed.

    It appears to be a feature of man now.

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