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Thread: Configuring Maitreya 5.0.1

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    Question Configuring Maitreya 5.0.1


    I want to configure the program Maitreya 5.0.1 to run on my laptop which has Open Suse 11.0 with a Gnome desktop.

    Information for this software can be found at:
    Saravali: Maitreya - Home

    Please - make write your instructions so a 10 year old could implement them as I have a learning disability and often can't follow the suggestions on the forum.


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    Default Re: Configuring Maitreya 5.0.1

    Hi Frances,

    For starters, I have Opensuse 11.1 and KDE 4.2.

    1. Download the maitreya-5.0.1.tar.gz file in a folder
    2. from konsole tar xvf maitreya-5.0.1.tar.gz
    3. cd maitreya-5.0.1
    4. ./configure
    5. here I had to install wxwidgets. you may have to install other packages too, check the messages from 4. see my list below
    6. make
    7. as root, make install
    8. install the font as written in the INSTALL file.
    9. the sofware was installed in /usr/local/maitreya

    Install wxwidgets.
    installed following packages. you can use zypper or yast-> software management to install



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