Ok here's my problem with 11.1 - i think that some great things were
added in 11.1, but i don't understand how an "update" can break things
that were previously working. Updates should just improve upon what was
already there; breaking previously working things is a step backwards.
My (probably growing) list of things that worked in 11.0 and are now
broken in 11.1:

-_Bluetooth_ - in 11.0 it started with an icon in the system tray,
seamlessly connected to my mouse, and automatically worked. Now i can't
even get it to start!

-_XGL_ - It was the only way i could get my computer to produce smooth
video/compiz effects (nvidia drivers were choppy). Now apparently it
was phased out in 11.1 - back to choppy video.

-_Compiz_ - Crashes within several minutes no matter what, I've tried
many things to no avail.

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