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Thread: Problems with patch updates on 11.0

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    microchip8 NNTP User

    Default Problems with patch updates on 11.0


    I usually don't post here asking questions as I can handle SUSE pretty
    well. However, today there were a few updates available, some related to
    kdebase3 and some to mysql. I thought, "fine, I'll just install them
    like I do". I didn't expect any problems but I got them. Here's what I
    did so far.

    zypper ref && zypper up

    this showed some updates for kdebase3 and libmysql. After letting
    zypper do its work, it halfway aborted saying that it couldn't find the
    mysql updates on the update server. I found this a bit odd so I went to
    the update server and manually checked to see if these packages where
    there, and guess what? they were.

    After running zypper multiple times and every time typing 'r' for
    retry, it finally "got" them from the server and installed the mysql

    I ran zypper again to install the kde3 related patches, but to my
    surprise it does absolutely nothing. Refreshing the repos does nothing
    either. There's a patch called "fileshareset" and has a summary of
    "kdebase3: Collective update". This patch is supposed to update the
    following packages.


    I tried forcing the update in Yast online update module, but again
    nothing happens. I also re-installed all of the above packages in the
    hope that the problem will go away, but again zypper and the update
    applet in the panel always show that the "fileshareset" patch is
    available for download.

    Any ideas on how to fix that?

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    amdturion NNTP User

    Default Re: Problems with patch updates on 11.0

    Hello microchip8,
    I get the same problem here and after googling here and there I found
    this solution that works:

    Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:25 am
    Post subject: Re: fileshareset kdebase3: Collective update recommended

    Claude Hopper schreef:
    > Why do I keep getting this update that won't install and has 50

    > dependency problems. I have all the latest kde3 files.

    The problem is not with kde3 files but with kde4

    for me the sollution was to downgrade kdebase4-session from version
    4.1.3-25.1 to 4.0.4-6.1
    I found this sollution in /var/log/zypper.log

    after this downgrade, i could update fileshareset.

    gr. Ian

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