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Thread: Desktop Settings or simple-ccsm?

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    kazooboy NNTP User

    Default Desktop Settings or simple-ccsm?

    I just installed OpenSUSE 11.1, and I am somewhat confused. I remember
    from OpenSUSE 11.0 the simple compiz settings manager, and that is what
    I used to do desktop effects such as the cube, window scaling, etc.

    Right now, I've found two default programs that seem to control
    effects. One is found in Configure Desktop (Personal Settings)>Desktop
    and the Desktop Effects tab. The other one is under
    Utilities>Desktop>Desktop Effects. Configure Desktop seems to have the
    command "systemsettings", and the Desktop Effects seems to have the
    command "simple-ccsm-kde" somewhat like I remember.

    Now I can configure the settings under systemsettings, and they work
    just fine, but the ones under simple-ccsm-kde do not do anything. I've
    tried disabling desktop effects under systemsettings but to no avail. I
    do know that I have my Nvidia drivers installed and working properly, so
    that doesn't seem to be a problem.

    So my question is, are these two applications conflicting with each
    other, and if so, how can use the settings under simple-ccsm-kde instead
    of systemsettings?

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    freedguy NNTP User

    Default Re: Desktop Settings or simple-ccsm?

    Hi, the Desktop Effects in systemsettings is for Kwin, a native window
    manager of KDE.

    simple-ccsm-kde is for Compiz, a popular window manager. Either Kwin or
    Compiz runs at a time.

    Go to systemsettings --> Default Applications --> Window Manager and
    see if Kwin or Compiz is set as the default window manager. (in your
    case it must be kwin). If you want change it to compiz.

    If kwin then adjust the effects in systemsettings. If compiz then

    Hope it helps.

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