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Thread: timezones in KDE4 clock applet

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    felipe1982 NNTP User

    Default timezones in KDE4 clock applet

    In KDE3 I had TORONTO (EST) and BRISBANE (AEDT) timezone on my clock
    applet. I could "middle click" the clock and it would toggle the
    timezones. It seems I am not able to do this in KDE4 clock applet. Have
    they removed this feature? Is there another way I can get this feature?

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    jerodrt NNTP User

    Default Re: timezones in KDE4 clock applet

    Not to say you can't somehow, but I haven't seen anyway to do it. Your
    only option may be to just put up 2 clocks, then set each one up to what
    area and region you want.

    .... I kinda like the multi clock look.... gives the desktop a control
    center feel to it .....

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