Hello all,

I'm trying to migrate my wife over to linux and have set up an account
for her on my openSUSE 11.0 install. Everything is going smoothly with
the exception that I can't get the sub-pixel rendering enabled on HER
account. It is enabled on mine, and the fonts look great. Without
sub-pixel rendering, the fonts look terrible on our LCD monitor.

I have searched the forum and reviewed several threads on font settings
and enabling sub-pixel rendering, but unless I'm missing something
(quite possible) I don't think they apply, here. I can't figure out why
this option is grayed-out for her. The only difference in permissions
between the two accounts is that mine includes the DISK group, but I'm
not clear why that would be necessary for the font settings. Any help
would be greatly appreciated! I want as smooth a transition for her as
possible, and appearance is very important.


Swamp Yankee

PS This is my 1st foray into multiple user accounts on the same
install, so I am not 100% on which settings are system-wide and which
are account-specific. I apologize if there is an obvious answer that I
missed in my searches.

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