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well i tried it, i set it up to run 15 minutes past the hour each hour
and it did work but didn't dump the output to a text file, it seemed to
mail it to root; a few moments after it ran (and it did run, hoorah!) i
was told "new mail in /var/mail/root"

opened it and saw the output.

is it possible to dump output into a file instead of mail?
edit- i also saw i still got the same permission error, despite running
as badger_fruit
Look at the man page for rsync, there are lots of options. Here is a
snippet I use;
FILENAME=/tmp/backup.`date +\%s`
/usr/bin/rsync -rlLtuzi --stats --progress --delete \
/home/malcolml/* /media/laptop_backup/opensuse/ \
/usr/bin/tr -d '\015' < $FILENAME | /usr/bin/mailx -s 'HOME Backup via
RSYNC to USB Disk' malcolml@localhost
# Delete backup file
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