I got the below copied error while the openSUSE Updater wanted to make 2
security updates today.

Refresh failed: . Error: verification of 'repomd.xml' with
key '[33DE8FB7C8DA93D2-457aded7] [Dominique Leuenberger (VLC openSUSE
Repository) ] [BC8D780DE3308581B2E0708533DE8FB7C8DA93D2]' failed Error:
Could not refresh repository 'VideoLan Repository': Valid metadata not
found at specified URL(s) History: - Signature verification failed for

What should be the correct URL. My system has taken the URL from the YAST/
Software/Add-On-Product/Community Repository and now it looks like it is
not valid anylonger.

Any suggestion?
Regards / Groeten,