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Thread: No "Custom Page" when Printing in KPDF

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    lotcire NNTP User

    Default No "Custom Page" when Printing in KPDF

    Hi, I have a samsung ML-1610 lazer printer. I was able to install it
    successfully in OpenSuse 11. My problem is in the KPDF application, I
    couldn't create a custom page size. All I see are pre-sets of many
    different types of paper format (A4, Letter, etc). It's really upsetting
    coz I was able to do this in XP. I even installed an Acrobat Reader for
    OpenSuse, but to no avail. Can somebody help me please? I don't want to
    shift back and fort to XP just to be able to print. Thanks

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    john hudson NNTP User

    Default Re: No "Custom Page" when Printing in KPDF

    KPDF is not really intended for customising anything. It takes its
    parameters from the input document; the print options you see are part
    of KDE's generic printer software and will be influenced by the drivers
    you have installed.

    It will display a custom size if it receives a document in that size
    and, AKAIK, if you ask the printer software to print it in a different
    size, it will do so.

    But KPDF is not intended for manipulating anything.

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