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Thread: Help needed for list of problems

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    babloo75 NNTP User

    Default Help needed for list of problems

    I m a newbie to suse/linux community, and a bit confused about suse
    usage. few days back i installed ubuntu on my system (Dell Optiplex 330)
    with dual boot with win xp but removed it because of a bug which ubuntu
    community was unable to provide help to me. so shifted on to suse.
    but suse a lots different from ubuntu.. i m facing few difficulties in
    this suse installation, for which i m here. Plz help me...:

    1. How can we access windows partitions in suse. Unlike in ubuntu, when
    i go to places option on the top panel bar, there is no list of windows
    partitions in the window that pops up. how can we correct this error or
    any other way to access windows files.

    2. how can i install vlc media player in vuze. i need one media player
    to play videos and audio, but the one provided needs codecs and there
    are none. i have heard vlc is best for linux. till now i used k lite
    media codecs in win xp and was happy to use it. can we use it for linux
    too. or can u suggest one good media player for suse which has the
    latest codecs to play media files.

    3. when i open Yast, it asks for a password, i put my password in the
    space provided, but then it disappears. what is the problem with Yast.
    why can't i see it?

    4. How can i configure my internet connection manually. i installed
    suse earlier but at that time my internet was off, so couldn't use
    internet on that installation even though i filled ip address, gateway,
    netmask, etc. so i had to reinstall my suse 11.0 again with internet on
    so that it configures automatically while installing. this seems very
    difficult and i think it is a step backward rather than a development
    towards update.

    5. Is there any other way to update the system (rather than use zypper
    command in terminal) When i tried to update with the commands
    Application > System > configuration > system update, the suse failed to
    update, but then i read in one forum to update with zypper refresh and
    zypper up commands, that way i could update suse. is there any other
    simpler way , i mean graphical way too.

    One one last thing, my frenz, plz keep the terminology as simple as
    possible as i am unaware of most terms, used in the linux commands. I
    searched answers to these problems in linux forums but couln't
    understand most of them, So thats why i am re asking these simple
    questions (simple for you, but definitely not for me). I am using gnome

    Thanks for the help, in advance.

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    caf4926 NNTP User

    Default Re: Help needed for list of problems

    1. 'HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access in openSUSE
    10, 11' (

    2. 'Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE
    Forums' (

    You may have a problem if Yast is not working and so may have to use
    zypper temp.
    Make sure you have a internet connection and open a terminal

    go su

    zypper refresh

    zypper up

    see if this fixes yast

    Once you get yast working it will be easier for you to do 4 and 5

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