Just thought I would share this observation to do a sanity check with
everyone. I have a DomU that I copied from a sles10sp2 xen server,
configured it on my OpenSuse11.1rc1 x86_64 box, did something simple
like disk cleanup and defrag on the domU. At the same time, I had a
"top -i" running. "xm top" still shows the configured memory for the
domU, but the system doesn't appear to ever clear this cache. The used
memory on the top display goes to the maximum memory on the box, but
never tails off, until I restart the dom0. I see qemu-dm running on
occassion, but I never see this memory returned to the dom0. I have
also configured, but it doesn't seem to matter, the dom0_mem=512M
parameter on my 4gb machine, but it doesn't appear to be a relavent
switch any longer.

I'm going to try and create the machine from scratch just to satisify
my personal curiousity.

Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?

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