Hi, I've been playing around with Linux for years and like opensuse the
best for it's ease of use and software. I've been wanting to switch from
windows for ages and to facilitate, encourage me to take the plunge I've
just built a new machine: AMD Phenom9650, Asrock 790GX, 4G Kingston,
80GWD with Viewsonic VX900 (1280x1024) and Acer 243x (1920x1200)

I have opensuse 11.0 up, updated, and running great. Cudos for the
ease of installing on AMD's AHCI SATAs. They are faster. From what I've
read Vista requires two HDs and a lot of effort to accomplish that. Most
reviewers won't even bother. In case you're wondering I checked a lot of
mobo reviews and comparisons.

The problem I'm having is configuring the monitors. I never had any
trouble with Nvidea Linux drivers but with their recent overheating
problems coupled with all the good reports on the new ATI chips I
decided on the 790GX chipset. Very little works, graphically speaking.
YAST lists the ATI Radeon HD 3300 graphics chip correctly, but only
identifies the Acer monitor, but it lists it twice. It does have the
right specs 1920x1200 (twice), but no mention of the viewsonic, though
it's display is a clone of the Acer. There are no wide screen settings
available. I've got them set at 1280x1024 so I get an undistorted
picture on one monitor at least. The YAST control panel only has one
monitor and only standard, no wide screen settings.

I downloaded the newest driver on the ATI repository in YAST, an old
8.5xx one. Even found a command later in the forums or get it to run:
"sudo aticonfig--initial", after the usual lecture and login I got
command not found. There's no ATI control panel available. There a
program listing but clicking it gives me: There's a problem initializing
the Catalyst Control Center Linux edition. No ATI graphics driver is
installed or it is not functioning properly.

I downloaded the newest 8.11 driver from AND/ATI hoping that woulld
help. Following instructions for zypper and ATI I opened a superuser
terminal logged in and typed: zypper install
ati-driver-installer-8-11-x86.x86_64.run and got package not found. I
tried dragging and dropping it from the desktop file browser which put
/home/len/desktop/atixxxx after zypper install but I still get package
not found.

I think I'm missing something basic here, but I've spent hours
searching the forums and help pages with little luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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