I have an HP IIIp on a parallel port. It has been working well in 10.2
but I am attempting to upgrade to 11.0 (and about time!)
So far all is well except there is no parallel printer. Printing to a
remote printer is OK, and I can cat to the /dev/lp0 but the spool does
not move; I can see two files in the spool, and lpc says all is OK.
Yast2/printer does not suggest any changes. I have tried changing
ownership/mode of /dev/lp0 to no avail. I have ensured parport,
parport-pc and lp modules are loaded as well.

This is a major problem -- it is my wife's computer and she is not
technical, but uses this system daily.

btw if it matters machine is running with no KDE or Gnome; AMD 1900+
32bit 1.6GHz

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