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Thread: Not or but and KDE4 and Gnome

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    hotpizza NNTP User

    Default Not or but and KDE4 and Gnome

    Is it safe to install Gnome into the KDE 4 version of SUSE 11? Or is it
    better to install KDE 4 into the Gnome version of SUSE 11?

    The reason I'm asking is because with Gnome I can add as many weather
    applets to a panel as I need and the Gnome weather applet has my town in
    it. The CPU temp sensor in Gnome works with my motherboard. The CPU temp
    sensor in KDE 4 doesn't work with my motherboard. Also it's nice to have
    both desktops in one distro. Thanks for any help.

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    cbroyles NNTP User

    Default Re: Not or but and KDE4 and Gnome

    Since the package manager automatically will take care of any conflicts
    it really doesn't matter weather you add Gnome after install or KDE. You
    can also perform a custom install using the openSUSE DVD and have both
    installed from the get go. KDE and Gnome are just user interfaces on top
    of the X11 system and are not mutually exclusive. In fact you can start
    a wide variety of GUI's from the login screen. There is even the
    capability of running multiple X sessions all using different GUI's

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    JosipBroz NNTP User

    Default Re: Not or but and KDE4 and Gnome

    Go ahead by all means, and feel free to post back! I'd be very
    interested to know if there's any truth to the rumours that installing
    KDE+Gnome may screw up your system beyond repair!

    *Even if free software were *****, it should still get our preference
    over the non-free **** secreted by IT corporations.
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