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Thread: Weird USB Problem

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    pwnawannab NNTP User

    Default Weird USB Problem

    I am not really sure how it began but during normal operation (meaning
    machine boots up runs for awhile with no issues) for no good reason USB
    peripherals suddenly become unresponsive. Running 10.3 with KDE. Fairly
    certain it is not HW problem. I dual boot with XP, and other OS does not
    have this problem. USB mouse becomes unresponsive (lights are if mice
    was not unpluged); Other non-USB peripherals are fine, applications
    which were in execution are fine; can not switch to another tty
    (ctl+alt+F#); lsusb hangs with no output; yast is able to gather HW info
    including USB devices; when killing X11 (ctl+alt+bckspace), I am not
    returned to either shell prompt or KDE logon screen. I work around this
    issue at present time by rebooting the system. I am puzzled as to how to
    troubleshoot. I'll take any suggestions.

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    oldcpu NNTP User

    Default Re: Weird USB Problem

    Try replacing your USB mouse and USB keyboard with another USB
    mouse/keyboard that you know works well WITH LINUX. The idea here is to
    take those devices out of the loop.

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