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Thread: 11 to 11.1 should I upgrade?

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    mik334 NNTP User

    Default 11 to 11.1 should I upgrade?

    I upgraded to 11 from 10.0 because I wanted the 3D stuff. But after
    some days all 3D gimmicks stopped working.
    So my question should I update upon availability of 11.1 to have
    KDE/Gnome in full 3D? 3D desktops are now working fine?
    Thanks Michael
    PS: I don't bother about all the rest because it's easier to download
    only one application if I need a special feature.

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    beli0135 NNTP User

    Default Re: 11 to 11.1 should I upgrade?

    I don't believe there is any difference between 11 and 11.1 in 3D area.
    For it, I use compiz-fusion and I believe it would behave totally the
    If you want to upgrade just because of 3D, in my opinion it is useless.

    If your system is working fine, then use the slogan "if it's not
    broken, do not fix it"

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    oldcpu NNTP User

    Default Re: 11 to 11.1 should I upgrade?

    I am fortunate that I have the luxury of a spare, old PC, that I can use
    for testing. Hence my main PC is still on openSUSE-10.3 with KDE-3.5.7
    (as is my wife's linux partition on her PC, and as is the older family

    I do have openSUSE-11.0 (KDE-3.5.9) and 11.1 beta5 (both KDE-3.5.10 and
    KDE-4.1.2) installed on my test PC. When I boot to 11.1 beta5 I spend
    my time equally between KDE-3.5.10 and KDE-4.1.2 (using separate log

    On my new Laptop (a Dell Studio 15) I have installed openSUSE-11.1
    beta5, because I know the Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN works with the 2.6.27
    kernel that comes with 11.1 but it does not work with earlier openSUSE
    versions. I think the ATI Radeon 3450 also works better on
    openSUSE-11.1 beta5.

    My view is only upgrade to 11.1 if there is a feature you really need,
    ... ie perhaps you need the 2.6.27 kernel for hardware, perhaps you need
    the improved capabilities in YaST to configure some device, perhaps you
    need the newer KDE-4.1.2 (as you don't want to stay with the older Gnome
    nor KDE-3.5.10).

    My mother's PC has openSUSE-10.2 on it, and since support has now
    stopped for 10.2, I plan on updating her PC to openSUSE-11.1
    (KDE-3.5.10) in January 2009. The main reason in her case is I only
    visit her once/year (she lives in a different continent), and hence my
    time window for updating her PC is small, given each openSUSE release
    only has support from Novell / SuSE-GmbH for 2 years. By putting her PC
    on 11.1, it means I have another 2 years before I need to update her PC

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    mik334 NNTP User

    Default Re: 11 to 11.1 should I upgrade?

    For some days I had in 11 3D effects set to insane. This was nice but
    since this always remains deactivated.
    KDE and Gnome both the same. Maybe this could have been fixed? (
    GeForce 8800GTS with Intel )
    Cheers Michael

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