Hi all

:~> transmission -m
Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property `GtkTreeView:dd-row-color' of type `GdkColor' from rc file value "((GString*) 0x844a240)" of type `GString'
I have this problemn long time... but I think that is from my many moves to gnome 2.24 and back...

but now i have clear install of opensuse 11.0 with updated packages from default update repository... But still have same problem... in some time of working it can go with bug error...

I know that default p2p is monsoon in gnome but it was too buggy for me so I change to transmission... it happens only in opensuse 11 with different versions in 10.3 all work fine
last version I use 1.40 from peternixon repo