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Thread: Alternative Plasma 5 Icon Themes

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    Default Alternative Plasma 5 Icon Themes

    Are there any alternative (and more or less complete) icon themes besides the default Breeze, for Plasma 5?

    I'm currently using the theme I had also on KDE 4 (that's KFaenza), but it doesn't seem to be fully compatible with Plasma 5.

    I'm not a huge fan of the flat design of User Interfaces that seems to be today standard, and I'm looking for something different; I really prefer the simplicity and cleanliness of themes like Elementary, Rosa, Gnome/Adwaita and the likes.

    As things stand right now, are there some alternatives to Breeze with a stile similar to those themes?

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    Default Re: Alternative Plasma 5 Icon Themes

    There is the old kde4 default oxygen and Gnome's adwaita (I haven't tested adwaita)
    you can always go icon hunting on

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