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Thread: GCC for Xfce - is it posible?

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    Default GCC for Xfce - is it posible?

    Hello, Please can someone help a complete novice to anything Linux? I have just installed openSUSE 13.2 with Xfce. I am interested in learning to programme micro-controllers. I am trying to get GCC set up, but have hit a wall. I found GCC on a list in YaST but it asked for a disk #1. I tried the DVD install disk that I used to set up the system but only got error messages. Can any one point me in the right direction? either with GCC or any other (compatible to Xfce) C compiler. If you can, Please keep your answers very simple to understand, like I said, I'm a total rookie to any of this. Thank you so much, Jon

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    Default Re: GCC for Xfce - is it posible?

    It is possible that you still hae your installation medium registered as a repositiry. You do not need it anymore. YaST > Software > Software Repositiries. Then look for the one starting with something like cd:// or the like. Select it and use th tckboxes below the list to at least disable it.

    Then, when you want to develope software, the best thing to install imho is the Developement pattern. Yast > Software > Software Management. Then from the View menu choose Patterns. Scroll down and check the box before Basic Developement. You will see the packages belonging to that pattern at right. It will contain cc+ and more. Continue and install.
    Henk van Velden

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    Default Re: GCC for Xfce - is it posible?

    A few questions, what's your internet plan if you're not limited do not use the DVD but get your software from the online repositories, do you have internet setup in your opensuse box?
    if so post the output of
    zypper lr -d
    if you don't have internet you need to put the DVD in the drive before starting yast.

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