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Thread: Separate printer usercode for each user

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    Question Separate printer usercode for each user

    i have a multiuser pc, in each account people use their own settings and their passwords, their favourites and so on.
    This is possible because in each home folder there are some other hidden folders, in whose this informations are stored.

    But as i saw, for printers is different, the ppd files are saved in /etc/cups/ppd which is a "global" folder. So if i have a different usercode for printing, i have to create a config file in which the only thing i have to change is the usercode. Is there a smart way to do the same? This homemade solution presents some weaknesses points.
    -a user can change the printer with another one while he works on a document
    -a user that i don't want to allow him to print, will be able to print the same.

    i've tried to look both in yast and in the web, but seems that no one else had this problem.

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    I am not sure if I understand what you mean with "usercode" for a printer.

    Those system wide configuration files are used to configure a priinter system wide (as you found out). It could be that you want the same physical printer used in different ways. That would then create different "logical" printers (pointing in the end to the same hardware printer) and trhe user would then be able to choose between those while printing.

    I do not think that it is a user task to configure printers in the way he likes.
    Henk van Velden

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    Sorry for the late reply,
    the usercode in my case is a 4-digit number that i put into the ppd file, so the printer would accept it and then proceed to print.

    In my pc there are two users: me and a guest.
    For example i print with my user code 1234 and the guest should use 4321. So every month i go to my printer web interface and download a report. There i should see that i've printed 25 times and the guest over 9000 () .

    Now to get this behaviour, i have to duplicate the /etc/cups/ppd/printer.ppd file with the usercode as the only change. Then in each user login i change in yast the default printer. But if the guest want to use my "printer" with my code he can.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi there,
    i just want to share what i've discovered today as the solution was under my nose :

    So based on what i read:

    1. Add a ppd file through YaST
    2. Modify the PPD file in /etc/cups/ppd/ folder by adding the UserCodes i need (up to 3)
    3. then for each user's profile, use the lpoptions -o UserCode=XXXX command, to select the code i want the user will use
    4. and finally, lpoptions -l, to verify that everything went right (you should see an asterisk next to the code you've chosen).

    So this thread can be closed and declared SOLVED.

    Many thanks to all viewed the posts and tried to help me.

    Have a nice day.

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