When starting openSuse from cold boot or restart, the applications menu fails to show options for Suspend or Hibernate. I have 2 users defined, user1 and user2. It doesn't matter which I chose for my initial login, both fail to have Suspend or Hibernate as choices in Power/Session.

For example, here's the menu for user1 after initial login.

The only way I can get these options to display is to logout from the current user and login to my other user. Usually (but not always) these options do appear. For example, here is the menu for user2 after logout from user1 and login to user2.

If the options appear, I logout (having done nothing else) and log back in to the first user (in this case user1). The Suspend and Hibernate options have now magically appeared on the user1 menu.

It doesn't matter which user is the initial choice on login; both user1 or user2 do not show the Suspend or Hibernate options.

This "solution" is an obvious kludge and I have not idea why it works. I would prefer that these options appear on the menu after the initial login for any user. Is there a more elegant way to achieve this? Does anyone know why the kludge solution works?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer.