Hi All,

I need to set up some sort of remote desktop server on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (OST). This is specific yet generic question, so a background information is needed.

I have purchased a laptop with PCIe SSD and a 4K display. I have been using Linux since Win Vista came out. Now I need to refresh my memory on Windows, but I am not ready to abandon Linux (OpenSUSE in particular). I will not go into details on my motivations and decision process, but I've settle on Windows 10 Pro Host OS and Hyper-V virtual machines.

The challenge is that Hyper-V client only gives 1280x768 resolution on OpenSUSE, and with PDI adjustment for 4K display it is unusable.
Connecting to Windows guest on hyper-v over RDP solves resolution restrictions. So I'm looking for something similar for my OST guest OS.

I've tried free offering from NoMachine. The speed is great, but unfortunately, it does not overcome resolution restrictions.
I've tried XRDP. It gives me full screen 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, but it is slow. I've tried adjusting settings (setting max_bpp and xserverbpp to 256, bitmap_cache and bitmap_compression set to yes), but it still lags behind a bit, especially when dragging windows. I'm connecting to it using sesman-Xvnc option, as others don't seem to work at all.
For Linux to Linux connections I've used X11 forwarding over SSH, but not even sure it is possible with Windows to Linux setup?
And I also tried installing FreeNX server on OST and accessing it with NoMachine client from Windows (using SSH). It does authenticate, but then says that nomachine service is not running, although OST says that service has started.

So, I'm fishing for suggestions, tips, links to how-to's, etc. in order to have smooth OST GUI experience while running it on Hyper-V. I do not intend on using Blender or other multimedia CPU/GPU intensive applications on virtual OST.

Thank you.