Thread for bug:

After approximately a few weeks ago, I've been experiencing one of the strangest issues since using openSUSE: While watching certain videos on Youtube under Firefox, there is a probability that the operating system will crash. This only seems to happen while watching certain videos... I can play some clips as much as I want and nothing happens, but if I play others the OS may crash typically somewhere between 2 and 10 minutes. What's stranger is that there's a completely different effect every time, and there is no single crash... the list of possible outcomes I've experienced so far includes:

- The computer simply freezes: I can no longer move the mouse cursor, use any keys (including toggling the NumLock / CapsLock leds), etc. Strangely enough, the audio of the video continues to play, even if the image is frozen.

- The machine reboots by itself. The screen suddenly goes black for a few seconds, then I seamlessly find myself at the BIOS startup screen. The power LED stays up and I don't hear the typical "click" sound which normally occurs when you power off a computer... it acts as if software triggered.

- I am logged out and immediately find myself in the login manager. It's exactly as if I clicked the "log out" button, except I don't press any keys nor have any applications that could automatically issue this command.

- The Firefox process freezes, but with a bizarre side effect: Any process that tries to kill or create a new process from there on will itself freeze immediately! For example: If I open Konsole and type in "dolphin" to open the file manager, the cursor goes one line down and stays there... same thing if I try to kill a process with the kill command. If I try to start up a program from the kickoff launcher, plasmashell will freeze. If I try to launch something from krunner, krunner will freeze. I even logged off my normal user account, pressed control + alt + f1 to start a new runlevel, logged in as root, and tried to kill or start processes there... same thing.

- In the best case scenario, Firefox simply crashes and I can start it back up again.

Note: I do not believe this to be caused by faulty hardware. I use many programs on this machine, including hardware intensive games... I do not experience such crashes with anything else. Also I've recently changed video cards, and moved from the r600 driver to radeonsi... I remember that the issue used to happen on the old one as well, although I think it stopped at some point, possible after a certain package update. I don't use the proprietary video driver, and am running openSUSE Tumbleweed.