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For me, on the laptop, I think I've now found something that does shift things in favour of pulse audio. I'll look to find a more complete solution with pulse, timidity and Jack later in the week.
I'll start a new thread if I need to work out my own individual problems with others but do want to post my initial bit here.

After a couple of hours trying, I gave up with timidity. It works fine without pulse audio but I didn't get beyond midis mostly sounding like a machine gun with pulse running - that and the timidity control flashing/refreshing itself like mad. I thought I'd fixed things by starting timidit using the KDE "pre KDE" startup option but then noticed that stopped the soundcard being visible to pulse.

I've had an initial play using fluidsynth instead which is playing reasonably with pulse running but have yet to work out where to start it.

There are also major problems with pulse audio and my Zoom H6 when started in multitrack mode. I'm not convinced there is not an underlying ALSA problem as sound files can have a buzz added to them when played through audacity (although I've not had this with Jack running) but there have been problems specific to pulse, ie:

puavcontrol locking up, Firefox playing YouTube video locking up and after about a minute of the H6 connected, it starting buzzing even when nothing is playing.

Fortunately, puavcontrol does provide a solution to this. I can set the profile to off. This probably makes more sense anyway. A simple system using pulse for "normal stuff" and the (for want of a better term) the "pro audio" stuff off pulse for use with Jack (including if I want it, using an external MIDI device - I don't really see timidity or fluidsynth for that) could be the answer if only I get the "standard midi" working with pulse.

Whatever, some aspects certainly have got harder trying to have the laptop with pulse.