kde version 4.14.9
At this moment these are working:
ksnapshot k3b kpatience kmix gftp mplayer openoffice libreoffice gimp kmail firefox quantaplus vlc puse-audio okular and showfoto

When I tried to run kwave I got missing mp3 demuxer under phonon-gstremer-backend so I tried using phonon-vlc-backend and kwave responded with kwave has created a segmentation fault and kwave closed. Retried kwave and got immediately segmentation fault.

Tried vls, mplayer, ksnapshot, kpatience and these still worked.

Tried each of the following and got segmentation faults errors on each
kblocks Amorok recorditnow digicam dragonplayer knotepad

Tried these and they are kinda working
cinelerra does video - no sound found
Audio-recorder - tries but crashes with no sound device
Gwenview crashes only when trying to close the application

Now getting knotify has caused errors and will be shutdown everytime I try to close the working apps

Previous to this I had no sound & got sound working by
1. kde repository active
2. kde-extra's repository active
3. packman repository active
4. normal 4 base opensuse repositories active

did zypper dup --from (url of packman) which
found 1500 conflicts
removing 5 packages
updated 93 packages

doing this got vlc pulse-audio kmix mplayer phonon-gstreamer-backend and phonon-vlc-backend working

sound works great but now my apps are broken any hints about fixing all the segmentation faults and crashes??

ps i removed kblocks kwave Amorok and dragonplayer