Hey there! I'm using Leap 42.1 with KDE Plasma 5.

When I log in, 3 Dolphin windows open by themselves and are littering the desktop. Why does it do that and how can I stop it? Maybe 1 would be fine; that could come in handy. But not 3.

Also, and I don't know if this is related, 80% of all times I attempt to Lock, Logout, Restart or even Shutdown (through the KDE taskbar or Utilities menu within the KDE Launchers), nothing happens. So I will then try to open Terminal and restart manually, but when I try to open Terminal, it appears to be opening and then gives up (the icon representing the terminal application shows briefly on the taskbar before disappearing). The same occurs when I try to open Yast, after attempting to do any of the above logout/lock, etc. functions. It's almost as if it's closing every application I open, before logging out, but never quite finishes the process even when I let it set for many minutes straight.

I appreciate any help anyone is willing to give. I'm not quite devoted to this OS yet, but I'd really like to be. These problems are minor to me, but still goofy.