I set up the OS with both SSD's and HDDs.

My initial thought was to have the HDDs anywhere I saw a need for high capacity and the SSDs where performance was more important.

The basic setup is the that there are:
  • 2 SDDs with 3 partitions each partition setup up as a RAID 1
  • 3 HDDs with 2 partitions each partition setup up as a RAID 5

The RAIDs are OS RAIDs, not hardware.

So the disks, file paths and partitions are like this:
  • swap - SSD
  • / - SSD
  • /boot/efi - SDD
  • /svr - HDD
  • /home - HDD

My thinking now is that I want to move /home onto an SSD partition. There will be directories that are too big to do this down in the directory structure under /home but to handle that I'll just move those huge directories to an HDD partition (maybe somewhere like /srv/home/myname/huge-files/) and then soft link to them.

The problem is I don't know how to do that as I've always set up the partitioning on installation and then left it. Moving major paths between partitions on different disks on a working system I've never done.

I would image it will be something like the following, in some magical tools you run that are not part of the OS:

  • Backup the whole system so if anything goes wrong I can roll it back
  • Resize the partitions on the SSDs so I have some space for the /home directory
  • Create a RAIDED partition out of the free space on the SSDs
  • Copy the /home dir to some where else there is a lot of space
  • Destroy the home directory partition on the HDDs
  • Resize the partitions on the HDDs to use up the freed space
  • Somehow tell suse that this new partition is the new home dir
  • Copy the critical files for the system in the home dir to the new partition

Perhaps not in the exact order above but something close. Now start up suse hoping everything worked perfectly and copy whatever working files I can (the ones that make sense) to the new home dir and link to the rest back (the huge dirs) on an HDD partition.

So... any chance it's easier than what I imagine needs to be done? Perhaps a magical tool that does all that for you and more in one click? (Asking too much?)