Hello everyone. I am a fresh openSUSE user, installed Leap two weeks ago after 12 years of running Kubuntu. It took me couple of days to get used to it and now I am starting to really like it. However, I am not a linux expert - just a user who can get around most problems given enough time and, sometimes, help

So, now I need some help. Every time I run Software Management in YaST2, I get this warning panel that says:

nothing provides appdata(org.kde.dolphin.appdata.xml) needed by application: Dolphin-.noarch

Conflict Resolution:
1: deinstallation of application: Dolphin-.noarch
2: break aplication: Dolphin-.noarch by ignoring some of its dependencies

and then below goes that same block for Ark instead of Dolphin.

I am not sure when and why this problem arose as I usually run zypper from the terminal, but I believe it first showed up after initial updates after the Leap installation. It is not a big deal as Dolphin works as expected, but having to deal with that panel every time I start Software Manager is a bit annoying.

Any help, suggestion how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance.