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>> You need to get all multimedia stuff tome packman
>> Once you add the repo you can do a vendor switch with
>> zypper dup --from packman
>> That will switch all media stuff from the normal non-proprietary codecs to the full codecs

Wow, switching to the Packman version of *all* "duplicate vendor" packages, is this what the expert users in the community are doing? Seems like a lot of packages. I just had the impression we want official OpenSUSE packages where possible (official update streams contain a official bugfixes, including security bugfixews...)

In prior releases, the number of packages brought in by One-Click was fairly small, I only had to add "w32-codecs" and as someone else mentioned in the thread also "vls-codecs" needed to be added manually.

I realize OpenSUSE needs to officially keep hands-off in this area, but the loss of One-Click and shortcomings in existing documentation is going to scare-off new users. Even us experienced users are guessing at the beat approach. I would volunteer to help writing documentation if we could just get an official word on what we are supposed to do. I'm going to be setting up another lab desktop in the next month, I could write the instructions with screenshots.
If there was another solution, it would have been there ages ago. http://opensuse-guide.org/codecs.php provides instructions. IMHO they should contain a
, to make sure applications like amarok, kdenlive etc can be used in non-crippled versions. IMHO2 there should be one-click installers.