First, please note I'm a Linux Newbie. Presume nothing!! :-)
I have installed a Suse LEAP 42.1 server, and I'm trying to configure mail. SMTP is working - I can connect to it on port 25, and create and send mail. However, users (local user on the server) cannot connect to it with a mail client. A couple of points to note. I'm building this so I can move the mail services (and other stuff) from a hosted environment to my own server. The domain records still point at the hosted server, and it's still going.
However, from inside my firewall I should be able to make this server receive messages to my domain - but it sends them out to the hosted server. it is as if it does not recognise that it is the destination server for this domain, or that the users are not authenticated by the mail system. It has POSTFIX and Dovecot installed.
Any help would be really appreciated!