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Thread: How install Audacity (Packman)

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    Exclamation How install Audacity (Packman)


    I need to install the audacity of the Packman repository.
    Plus the terminal advises that there is no repository name "Packman".

    Could someone help me?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Red face Re: How install Audacity (Packman)


    zypper rm audacity
    zypper in -r "Packman" audacity

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: How install Audacity (Packman)

    First, please there is no need to make and post those screen shots.

    Please in the future use CODE tags around copied/pasted computer text in a post. It is the # button in the tool bar of the post editor. When applicable copy/paste complete, that is including the prompt, the command, the output and the next prompt.

    And to tell that you want a package from a specific repo, you must specify that repo with the -r option:
    zypper in -r Packman audacity
    Please consult
    man zypper
    when you want to use zypper.
    Henk van Velden

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    Red face Re: How install Audacity (Packman)

    I did not know that.
    Thanks a lot!

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